Vegan fashion for the urban trendsetter.

That's how Blue District describes its line of cruelty free vegan pieces. Designed and run by recording artist " Electric Starlet", Cici is passionate about making an impact in the fashion world by bringing awareness that vegan fashion is not restrictive and that ending the unecessary cruelty associated with garment making is as freeing for the dresser as it is for the animals. Blue District proudly uses wrap certified manufacturers to insure every step of the garment production is produced in the most ethical way. The brand focuses on encouraging all women to be themselves and to dress as they please without having to follow the trends or the media's "ideals". 

"Be your own Brand" is Blue District slogan and while it boosts fashionistas to embrace who they are and not be forced to be put in a box, it has a strong mission to reduce carbon footprint and help the environment while promoting the liberation of animals.

Press coverage
"We attended the world's first Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles and met a number of inspiring brands that all share the same goal: to offer fashion-forward products that promote sustainability and cruelty-free practices"
10 Vegan Fashion Brands to Put On Your Radar - February 20, 2019
"Vegan leather and fabrics – even if they contain synthetic fabrics – are much better for the environment than the use of animal skins. And no one has to die for it."
"Inspired by nature, these pieces feature soft lines and soft fabrics cut to fit, flow and flatter."
Stray off the beaten path this fall with Blue District’s “Nature’s Realm” collection
Who is behind Blue District?
Cici Voise
Designer and CEO
Recording Artist Cici Voise is the designer, and CEO of Blue District. She is involved in all aspects of the creative within the company, from design, photography, styling and anything visual alongside running the business.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Wow! I wasn't expecting a material like this. It is extremely soft and beautifully made. All the details are beautiful and the coat has a little stretch which makes it very comfortable! I am beyond impressed by the quality and by the fast shipping. I contacted customer service and had a great immediate response, it was a great experience overall. Very pleased with my purchase!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Absolutely LOVE my boots. I took them to Seattle in December and they kept me super warm, and that is no easy task!! I stepped in puddles without realizing it and I had no worries of wet socks. Perfect combo of style, comfort and practicality. Shipping was very quick, received my order within 2 or 3 days. Highly recommend these!!!!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Amazing Quality I can't believe I had such a deal on this jacket! It looks and feels like real leather and is very beautiful in person! Wow! I can't wait to wear it!"
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